PBL Resources from The Ground Up

October 6, 2014
Here is a good resource on project based learning I discovered a few days ago that I want you to have a look at.The Global School Network has this page packed full of materials and resources on what teachers need to know about PBL  in order to effectively integrate it into their instruction. And though the page hasn't been updated for a few years now but still all the resources it has are relevant. I have spent sometime sifting through them and I found them really interesting.

The first resource is an introduction to what PBL is all about and provides some materials to help teachers grapple with classroom management issues. The next section is labelled PBL Pedagogy which describes some characteristics of improved learning taken fem the reform literature with commentary taken from observations and conversations with teachers and students regarding their networked project based learning experiences. At the end of each section, there is a "next section" button which will take you to the following page. Use those navigating buttons to browse through the content of this resource. I am pretty sure you will love it.