A Handy Search Tip Students Should Know About

October 31, 2014
Here is a pretty basic but very important search tip I want to bring to your attention today. Some of you might already be using it but I want you to share it with your students and help them search for information more efficiently. Using this search hack, students will be able to quickly find anything on a document, email or a webpage. This search tip involves the use of two keyboard buttons to bring up a small search box that will allow you to look for anything on the page you are on. Simply enter the word or phrase you want to look for and hit "enter". All the instances of that word will be highlighted in yellow. The combination for Mac users is "Command" + "F", and for Windows users "Control"+ "F".

 This search hack has several uses : You can use it to look for key words in an article, search for a specific term within page, look for the name of an author or character in a passage , and pretty much anything else you want to look for in a web page. Students can also use this hack when conducting a query in a search engine. They can click on search results and do a quick search to see whether the page has the search phrases they are looking for. Pretty basic but time-saving.

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