6 Powerful iPad Apps to Create A Classroom Library

October, 2014
The collection of iPad apps I have for you today will enable you to create, organize, and maintain a virtual classroom library. Using these apps will also help you track your personal book collection for both physical and digital versions. Besides the refreshingly neat organizational aspect of these virtual libraries, they also offer a wide variety of useful functionalities to help you and your students search for books, set reminders , and  get recommendations on the best places to buy new books.

1- Book Retriever

This is the Classroom Library Company's accompanying app for managing book borrowing between teachers, parents and students. It allows you to scan, level and inventory your entire Classroom Library, giving you leveling data such as Guided Reading Levels, Lexile, Accelerated Reader, Reading Counts, DRA and Reading Recovery. The handy label printing function allows you to print the leveling data wirelessly and easily attach the labels to your books! We have almost one million titles in our database and we are adding more every day.
2- iBookshelf

iBookshelf is your personal portable library reference.iBookshelf is NOT an eReader. You do not load actual books into this app. Instead, iBookshelf is designed to help you keep track of your personal book collection, whether your books are physical or digital copies.
3- Book Crawler

With Book Crawler, you finally have a way to quickly and accurately upload your entire book collection into one easy-to-manage library cataloging database! Adding new books to your database is simple and fast with the ISBN barcode scanner or manual number search. Title, author, publisher, copyright, cover art, summaries, Goodreads reviews, and local library location/availability are automatically generated when you enter a book.
4- Level It books

A library management app that allows you to scan your books' ISBNs to view the Guided Reading, Lexile®, Grade Level Equivalent, and DRA levels for the book and store them in a personalized library. You can build your leveled library quickly by searching our comprehensive database of over 210K books spanning those 4 leveling standards. We have a passion for education and our goals are to help you organize your classroom library and to alleviate the struggles associated with finding the levels of books.
5- Bookbuddy, Library Manager

BookBuddy is a powerful book management application that gives you access to your entire book catalog, anywhere. Using BookBuddy is fun and easy, allowing you to quickly find any book in your library, share your favorite books, and keep track of borrowed and lent books.

6- BookScanner

With BookScanner App, you can quickly and easily scan the barcode off the back of the book to find out all the critical information you need to know. Your scanned books will save to a history list for easy reference later on. BookScanner will find the quiz number, level, points, word count, and interest level. Your history can be referenced from within the app, or you can now email and print the book list as well.