8 Must Have Classroom Posters for Technology Best Practices

September 28, 2014
Integrating technology in classroom teaching is not only about finding the best educational web tools to enhance students learning but a decent part of it is also related to the ethics behind such use. Students need to understand that using any sort of technology in class is governed by a set of rules and guidelines that have to be respected  and enacted. These guidelines do not only organize their interaction with this technology but, most importantly, makes this interaction pedagogically sound.

For instance, when embedding images from the web into their classroom projects, students need to be aware of the copyright rules and citation guidelines that underlie this practice. In other words, they have to act in accordance with what is generally accepted to be the case when integrating web content.Also, even the use of the hardware in class should be monitored and be regulated with strict and clear body of guidelines. It is the responsibility of teachers to provide these guidelines and explain them to students.

The collection of posters below provide some paradigmatic examples of what students should pay attention to when interacting with their technology in class. These posters are created by We Are Teachers and are provided for free download in PDF format from this link. You can print them off and hang them in your class as a reminder for all students on what it takes to educationally use their tech devices.

Courtesy of edudemic