New You Can Now Recover Deleted Google Drive Files

July 22, 2014
Google has recently rolled out a series of updates to its Drive and Apps. Some of these updates have already been featured here. However the latest one I haven't yet shared is that which has to do with Google Apps. According to this new update, Google Apps administrators are now able to recover files that have been deleted by users provided there is a specified date range during which this deletion took place. Here is what Google said about it :

Admins can now restore a given user’s deleted Google Drive files for a specified date range. This helps ensure that, if a user accidentally deletes important files, those files are not permanently lost. The feature pertains to files that have been emptied from the Trash only. Files still in the Trash can be easily recovered by the user.

With this new update, you no longer have to worry about files students delete accidentally for there is always the option to recover them.