ePortfolio Checklist for Teachers

July 28, 2014
Following the posting of ePortfolio Resources for Teachers somebody emailed me this visual  which I want you to check out as well. This visual created by Chelmick features 6 components your students should consider when composing their ePortfolios. You can use this checklist in class to give students an idea about the things they need to incorporate  in their ePortfolios.
Why Use ePortfolios ?
According to Cornell University, there are different learning purposes and benefits behind using ePortfolios.
A- The learning purposes of ePortfolios include:

  • Reflecting upon learning processes and outcomes.
  • Organizing and presenting learning accomplishments.
  • Developing self-assessment skills.
  • Representing learning experiences.
  • Developing multimedia skills.
  • Creating electronic text for specific audiences.
  • Learning how to use technology to support lifelong learning.
B- The learning benefits of ePortfolios include:
  • Personalizing the learning experience.
  • Allowing students to draw connections between their various learning experiences over the semester and beyond.
  • Seeing progress over time.
  • Enhancing critical thinking.
  • Evaluating and assessing student products and processes.
  • Assessing course learning outcomes.
  • Gaining insight into how students experienced a curriculum