A new home education site

Rumour has it that when Fiona Nicholson was edged out of the lead postion at Education Otherwise by Shena Deuchars and Co, she retreated to a darkened room for a few days, chewing her nails and wondering what to do next. The answer is here;


This is a new site for information and advice about home education. It begins with a little bit of a white lie; claiming, as it does, that; 'this website is the work of Fiona Nicholson'. Actually, it is the work of her son Theo, but we will let that pass. I was amazed to discover that Fiona had apparently been an 'expert witness' at the select committee in October 2009! I must remember to use this gag myself, it sounds quite impressive. I had never really thought of myself as having been an expert witness before. I have a suspicion that this expression has been pinched from Paula Rothermel's site. Fiona's site is interesting though and I shall be watching with interest to see how it develops over the next few months.