Another odd coincidence

Two more more curious coincidences on the Johansson case as it may be connected with Christopher Warren. Warren's group is also known as the Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon. We find that;

'Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon (MLT) is the name of a small Christian denomination with an association of assemblies or congregations having close Messianic Jewish and Evangelical Christian affinities, with centers in Arvika municipality, Sweden, Oil City, Pennsylvania and Andhra Pradesh State, India. It describes itself as "plotting a mid course between these two". The group is officially registered in Norway as the Nye Pakts Kristne Fellesskap (New Covenant Christian Fellowship) and Den Nye Pakt (The New Covenant) and in India as the New Covenant Church of God. The main international office of MLT is located in the former Hillringsberg State School, Sweden, which closed in the 1960's.
MLT was founded in 1986 in Oxford, England following a revelation which Christopher C. Warren, the founder, claimed he received from God in 1984.'

Hmmmm, Oil City, Pennsylvania. Do we know anybody near there? Oh, wait a minute. Kelley Brautigam, who founded and runs the Friends of Domenic website, lives right round the corner in New Alexandria, Pennsylvania. Spooky or what? What about Andhra Pradesh in India? Have a look at this, from Christopher Warren's site;

Observe well, this part;

'In July 2001 32 congregations, principally in Andhra Pradesh State, but also in Orissa and Bombay (Mumbai), joined the New Covenant Church of God under the Pastorship of G. Raj Kumar'

This Pastor Kumar would not be related by any chance to Annie Nirmal Kumar, who married Christer Johansson?