A little more about Christopher Warren and a possible link with the Johansson case

This link leads to a site with more information about Christopher Warren and the NCCG.


There is one very alarming thing here; that he recruits members via the Internet and that some then travel to Sweden to join him. He is apparently very keen on single mothers with fourteen or fifteen year-old daughters. For this reason, I urge the owner of the Badman Review Action Group to remove the link to Warren's site from the list. There is also something rather odd. You will find mention here and elsewhere on the Internet of a supposed connection between this outfit and an orphanage in India. It says;

' The cult has, for many years, claimed to have members in India who are part of a charity/orphanage.'

Here is Warren's own account of this orphanage;


This is a curious coincidence. According to Christer Johansson, he and his wife and son were heading to India to work in an orphanage there. Christopher Warren claimed at one time that this orphanage had been destroyed in some sort of natural disaster and all the money lost. It will be remembered that at one time, Christer Johansson also claimed to have lost all his money and belongings in a natural disaster in India. I shall be posting again about this once I have found out a little more.