Wonderful quote from Graham Stuart

I simply had to post this. As readers are probably aware, Graham Stuart, Chair of the Commons Children, Schools and Families select committee, is currently the home educator's best friend. He understands them and wishes them well. He is our favourite MP. A few days ago, Tania Berlow asked me to post a long string of quotations by Graham Stuart. Here is one which we missed, which really should be appended to anything he is currently saying on the subject of home education:


It is 'tantamount to child abuse not to make sure your children go to school'? And is it really the case that parents should do ' their legal duty and send their children to be educated at school.'? Is there such a legal duty? Is this really what the Chair of the Children, Schools and Families select committee believes? And if so, is he the ideal man to help put together new guidelines for home education? Does anybody see any contradiction between these statements and his current stance? Perhaps it's just me, but as I have said before, I would not trust this man further than I can throw him.