Injection of new blood

I was contacted a short while ago by somebody who is running an information day for home educators and professionals involved with home education. She wished to publicise this blog and wondered if I had any objection to this being done. The more the merrier is my general feeling about this and so we should soon be seeing a few new people here. I was going to ask some of the regulars here to try and be a little more civilised and polite, but I have noticed lately that everything seems to be pretty affable here and so that does not seem necessary. It would be good to have some professionals expressing their opinions here, a a counterbalance to some of the loopier views which we sometimes see.

This coming Thursday on Channel 4 at 9PM is a chance to see one of our old regulars. The programme Child Genius is being shown, which includes a bit about Peter Williams, the fourteen year old, home educated chess player. This promises to be worth watching, if only to see more of Mr Williams senior. It is to be hoped that this programme provides the general public with a positive and encouraging picture of home education.