White Paper on education due shortly

I notice that on one list there is discussion about the possibility that Michael Gove may decide after all to introduce some new restrictions on home education, perhaps limited to simple, but compulsory, registration. A White Paper on education is due to be published in a few weeks, which will set out, among other things, how the Coalition sees the role of local authorities in education. This will relate mainly to the so-called free schools and academies, but will also include some general stuff about what councils should be doing. I am wondering if there will be any mention of home education in this. Lord Solely seems to imagine that this is on the cards in the next month or so, but what grounds he has for believing this, I don't know. Rumour also has it that some people from Education Otherwise have been beavering away in the background, working upon some version of the 'Tasmanian Model'. Perhaps they might yet be called upon to join or even run a government scheme along these lines.