'Simon Webb types are bad for us'

I simply had to mention this gem. At the recent Hes Fes conference, time lay so heavily on the hands of the participants that they apparently fell to talking about me. It was decided that;

'Simon Webb types are bad for us. Although maybe he was shown to be lone voice. Got more publicity than should have.'

'Shown to be lone voice'? Odd that none of those present remembered that of the two thousand two hundred responses from home educating parents which the Badman review received, a third of those who responded were definitely in favour of registration. Hardly a lone voice then. I was also fascinated to learn that I got more publicity than I should have done. What publicity and where is it? Who is providing this publicity? I honestly want to know about this! They surely cannot mean a piddling little blog with a few hundred visits a day? I am especially intrigued by the idea that I have more publicity 'than I should have'. How much publicity should I have and how is this calculated? I am sure that somebody who was present will be happy to explain this to me.