A Beautiful Visual on The 4 Ways Technology Is Changing The Ways We Learn

October 28, 2014
No two could argue over the drastic changes technology has brought upon our learning habits. Gradually, we are moving towards a whole new learning culture that lends itself to the ethos of digitality. Here is one personal example of how technology has changed one of my learning habits which is reading. Few years ago printed-based materials (books, newspapers, academic journal articles..etc) were the norm in my reading lists; however since I started using Kindle app three years ago most of my readings are done electronically. I have a growing digital library of more than 300 non-fiction books and I hardly ever read a paper version. I find the features provided by these reading apps (in this example Kindle) way more practical and useful . I could easily highlight any section I want in a book, use integrated dictionary to explain any word with one click,  add notes to passages and access them anywhere anytime.

you might think of other examples of how technology affects your learning but the key point here is that digitality has definitely transformed some aspects of our learning and will probably continue to do so in the future. In this context, Shift Learning has some other suggestions to cite here. For them technology's impact on the way we learn is manifested in these four main changes:

  • A shift from individual learning to collaborative learning
  • A shift from passive to active or brain-based learning
  • The rise of differentiated instruction
  • The phenomenon of multitasking

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