A Nice Graphic Featuring Gaiman's Eight Rules of Writing

June 27, 2014
Writing is a tedious task that is often more mentally demanding. It is a complex form of thinking through language  Those of us who are proficient enough to comfortably communicate their ideas and insights through the written code are also those who have been doing it for a long time. In this sense, writing is a skill whose development requires constant practice. It is through doing writing that we learn how to write effectively.

If you are stuck in the midst of a writing project or you find yourself always in search for excuses to avoid writing, the 8 tips below will definitely help you out. These are pieces of advice from within the trenches , from a man who took writing as a craft. Neil Gaiman's prolific works in the field of comic and novel writing and his many years of committed  dedication to the writing endeavour render the tips he provided below worth a serious consideration.

I learned about this beautiful visual through a tweet by YoukiTerada. The visual is created by Breathingfiction.org.

8 rules fo writing
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